Consulting & Services



The Right Combination…

  • Comprehensive process know-how to identify weak points and practical experience to carry out the necessary improvements
  • Support during all phases, from analysis to strategy and subsequent implementation, as well as after completion of the project.
  • Customized solutions, because even if facilities and process data are similar, the improvement potential may vary according to regional or corporate circumstances.


Technology Transfer

Process technology for melting, casting, hot forming as well as heat treatment and quality control for alloyed and special steel. “Your goal is to utilize the potential for improvement of plant facilities and processes- quickly and simply with only minor investments?”

Our team provides Fact Finding Studies with the main topics

  • Identifying of improvement potential
  • Evaluation of cost reduction potential
  • Introduction of new steel grades etc.

INTECO’s team implements measures in close cooperation with your experts and provides impulses for sustained profitability.

Technical Assistance & Training

“Some of our clients have invested in new plants and need support during start up and special know how for their equipment, so they can optimize the entire process. Others want to achieve the same goal with existing facilities. In such cases it is our task to assist them in utilizing and maintaining their equipment and re-thinking the process as a whole.”

Technical Assistance will help you to achieve your targets

  • Experts team on site with metallurgists out of production units
  • Training and realization support on site
  • Introduction of new steel grades
  • Introduction of new working procedures
  • Know how documentation
  • Supporting the start up to achieve target production in time or      earlier

Pre-investment Studies

Important aspects of such consultancy assignments may involve new greenfield projects, project expansion or retrofit programs, process route evaluation as well as independent assessments and appraisals for financing purposes.


INTECO provides preliminary, basic and detailed engineering for entire as well as process automation. All mechanical engineering design work is carried out in-house in 3D.  Also electrical and process engineering is done by INTECO. 

Project & Construction Management

In more than 35 years of operation INTECO has executed a number of EPCM, EPC and turn key projects worldwide. INTECO engineers are specialized in assisting customers in project management for new plants or in revamping of existing operations.