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With decades of experience and constant efforts to exceed the costumers’ requirements worldwide, INTECO Siderimpes is the competence center as provider for rebar mills, wire rod mills, SBQ mills and light section mills within the INTECO Group.

Nowadays, the demand for flexible and economical production of long products can be achieved by innovative production processes, modern solutions for electric and automation as well as an eye for the smallest possible detail. Thanks to the profound knowledge and several years of experience in R&D as well as process modelling, INTECO Siderimpes has reached a high level of competence.

All of the designing is done by using 3D software tools, taking into account the most efficient materials and thermal treatments in order to produce devices that will last for decades. Moreover, to shorten the erection and commissioning time a pre-shipment running test is performed.

Pre-configured solutions are not always satisfactory for end users since each customer has different demands. In order to meet these requirements INTECO Siderimpes is able to offer tailor-made solutions. It is one of INTECO Siderimpes’ greatest goals to establish long-term partnerships with the major players in the steel industry.

  • Rebar mills
  • Special bar quality mills
  • Bar & wire rod mills
  • Light section mills
  • Super flexible mills
  • Ball making plants
  • Garret lines
  • Vertical compact coils



Ball mill for high quality grinding balls

Kuwait Steel

Rebar rolling mill

Store Steel

Rolling mill for SBQ grades

Asil Celik

Wire rolling mill and wire production line for wire rod dimensions

Celsea Nordic

New spindles for roughing and intermediate mill

Tameer Steel

Bundling machine