INTECO supplies Special Melting&Remelting Plant to SeAH Changwon Integrated Special Steel, Korea

End of November 2015 INTECO received the order for the engineering and delivery of a complete special melting and remelting plant from SeAH Changwon Speciality Steel. The scope of supply consists of one(1) 8t vacuum induction melting furnace-, one(1) 8 and one(1) 4t electroslag remelting furnace- and one(1) 8t vacuum arc remelting furnace.

This is the third order for a complete special melting and remelting  plant within two years, After having already successfully delivered the special melting and remelting plants to Ruspolymet in Russia and another Asian client,  .

The client’s team, INTECO’s experts and the local Korean manufacturing partner have already proven their great cooperation ability during the the last joint project (150t LF and VD/VOD). This project again requires excellent teamwork of all members as all plants have to be delivered in 9 months’ time. The start-up is planned for autumn 2016.