DI Alexander Scheriau becomes new managing director of INTECO melting and casting technologies GmbH

Alexander Scheriau

In October 2015 Alexander Scheriau, president sales, has been promoted to managing director of the INTECO headquarters in Bruck a.d. Mur, Austria and therefore joins Dr. Harald Holzgruber and Ing. Roland Kristl in this position.

In 2003 after the completion of his studies at the University of Leoben, Scheriau started at INTECO as a process engineer, responsible for several project start-ups. After a few years his technical expertise and high level communication skills however led him more and more torwards sales, until in 2008 he became chief of the special metallurgy sales division. Finally in 2014 he got promoted to president of sales.

Alexander Scheriau, as part of his long-term employment at INTECO, has contributed a lot to the success of our company, especially to the development of the sales department. We are sure that Mr. Scheriau will fulfil his new duties and task in all conscience and wish him all the best!