INTECO to built ESR plant for Uddeholm, Sweden

INTECO is very proud to announce that a contract for a 30t ESR plant signed with Uddeholms AB in Sweden has become effective in March 2014.

Though this is the first INTECO supply, this unit will represent the 10th remelting furnace to be installed by the Swedish company, the world’s biggest producer of ESR remelted tool steel. This most modern ESR furnace will be operated at a max. operation pressure of 3 bars and will be capable of remelting ingots with a max. diameter of 1250 mm and a weight of approx. 30 t. Additionally it will have all state-of-the-art features such as protective gas operation, a full coaxial high current line and a completely updated control system of newest generation.

The opportunity to deliver a second identical furnace has also been discussed, but this has to be decided depending on the market situation in the near future. INTECO´s entire staff is motivated and excited about this challenging project and will use this opportunity to demonstrate its leading position as a supplier of equipment and technology in the field of Electroslag Remelting.