Uddeholm orders second ESR plant at INTECO

The first INTECO ESR plant at Uddeholm

After the successful signing of the final acceptance certificate for the first 30t ESR plant delivered within a year, Uddeholm asked INTECO to build another identical remelting furnace.

Mid of May INTECO received the order for the engineering and supply of an ESR plant from the world’s biggest high performance tool steel producer Uddeholm in Sweden.

The second plant is an identical copy of the 30t INTECO ESR furnace that has already been successfully started up in April this year. Again, the new plant design for a static mould configuration that has been developed throughout the last years will be implemented. It allows protective gas operation within a pressure range up to three bar.

A smooth project process, delivery and start up on schedule where the drives of success for the first ESR project and will be also essential for this follow up project.