Titanium Production


Type: three 12t Ti-VARs, one 17t Ti-VAR
Technical Features: Ingots up to 12 / 17tons, all furnaces are equipped with lock valves, Partial pressure remelting mode & electromagnetic stirring coil 

Customer: Confidential Customer
Type: Lab scale-protective Gas ESR- VAR plant
Technical Features: Ingots up to 500kg, remelting in ESR or VAR operation of steels and nickel based alloys as well as reactive metals such as titanium

Customer: Baoji Titanium Industry Co. Ltd., China
Type: 1200kg VAR-Skull-Melter
Technical Features: Titanium VAR Skull-melting furnace designed for melting and subsequent casting of max. 1200 kg of Titanium and Titanium alloys. Double round cold skull crucible and static and dynamic casting mode is possible. Drum feeder for use of additional /alloying feedstock available

Customer: Chongqing Kingsley Titanium Technology Co.Ltd., China
Type: 7t Ti-VAR
Technical Features: Ingots up to 17t, Partial pressure remelting mode, electromagnetic stirring coil

Customer: Ruspolymet, Russia
Type: Sponge / EB Titanium production plant
Technical Features: Know-how and basic engineering for an entire Sponge / EB Titanium production line including a 4t Ti-VAR with state of the art features such as lock valves, electromagnetic stirring coil and partial pressure remelting mode.

Customer: ATI Allvac, USA
Type: Small sized Ti-VAR
Technical Features: Most flexible lab-scale plant with state-of-the-art features

Customer: UKTMP, Kasachstan
Type: Ti-Production Plant
Technical Features: Engineering and project management of a complete titanium production plant designed for an annual capacity of approx. 12.000t