Powder Technology



Customer: MIMETE S.r.l., Italy
Type: Vacuum Inert Gas Automization Plant
Technical Features: Automated tilt-pouring, gas heating, tundish heating, powder recycling, IMAS system

Customer: Ruspolymet, Russia
Type: ESH heated atomization system for High Speed Steels and HIP applications as well as Vacuum Inert Gas Automization Plant
Technical Features: Two independent production lines consisting of one Vacuum Inert Gas Atomization System for Additive Manufacturing and one ESH heated atomization system for tool steels and HIP applications

Customer: BÖHLER Edelstahl, Austria
Type: 8t ESH
Technical Features: Electromagnetic Stirring System

Customer: Erasteel, Sweden
Type: 7t &14t ESH
Technical Features: Argon Stirring System