Industrial Furace bessere Qualitaet

Industrial Furnaces

Process Automation

As an integral part of the steel production line, heat treatment furnaces are used in many variations, applications and temperature levels. At INTECO this young product division represents another brick in the wall of highest quality equipment made in Austria.

The simple but effective design of INTECO furnaces allows a minimum number of moving parts like magnetic valves or flaps which minimizes the maintenance effort and allows a very small spare parts stock. In addition, the minimization of energy consumption by using intelligent controls, highest quality components and various heat recovery systems characterizes our Industrial furnaces.

Working Principle

  • Gas fired: cold air, recuperative, regenerative, low oxygen combustion (λ<0,95)
  • Electrically heated
  • Hybrid furnaces (gas and electric)


  • Bogie hearth furnaces
  • Chamber furnaces
  • Top hat furnaces
  • Temporary furnaces (mobile)
  • Mobile heating services
  • Trial heats and feasibility studies

USP‘s of INTECO Design

  • Stainless steel furnace skin
  • Low number of high velocity burners in an unique arrangement
  • Best temperature uniformity
  • State of the art control system
  • Individual system solutions
  • Use of highest quality components