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Electrics & Automation for Industry Applications

Implementation of electrics & automation

We support our customer in every step of the electric and automation process from design, engineering, and finally installation and commissioning.

INTECO offers the following services:

  • Project management
  • Automation design
  • Schematics
  • Electric loads
  • Medium-voltage distributors
  • Low-voltage distributors
  • MCC schematics
  • PLC schematics
  • Cabling layouts
  • Earthing design
  • Assembly drawings  

With our experience in electric & automation technology plus our production process know-how, we can always meet our customer’s specifications and requirements, especially in the area of steel production.

INTECO atec also revamps electrical & automation components produced by different manufacturers. 

Technical Assistance

“Some of our clients have invested in new plants and need support during start up and special know how for their equipment, so they can optimize the entire process. Others want to achieve the same goal with existing facilities. In such cases it is our task to assist them in utilizing and maintaining their equipment and re-thinking the process as a whole.”

Technical Assistance will help you to achieve your targets

  • Experts team on site 
  • Training and realization support on site
  • Introduction of new working procedures
  • Know how documentation
  • Supporting the start up to achieve target production in time or earlier

We can offer software based solutions to connect the automation level with the management level by exchanging relevant data. This enables the integration of process data into an enterprise resource planning (EPR) systems.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • ATEC-SMS Short Message Service Reporting System
  • ATEC-AVS Alarm Management System
  • ATEC-ToMIS Management and Information System for Tunnel Furnaces
  • ATEC-MiRAV Production and Order Management System
  • ATEC-TPP Total Productive Process System