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Engineering & Consulting

How fit is your furnace?

We can evaluate the high current impedance of your furnace with our “triple two-phase dip-test” procedure, which checks the symmetry energy distribution and thereby improves and optimizes the power input.

To ensure your furnace is operating under optimal conditions, our engineers will determine the state of the transformers, cables, switch gears, etc., by measuring the relevant voltages and currents in the electric furnace system using state-of-the-art measuring equipment.

We can also perform application-specific measurements in order to highlight faults and determine parameters, e.g., virtual start point, 3-dimensional magnetic field logger, fieldbus analyser, thermal imaging, etc.

We use our mobile measurement equipment to observe a heat regarding the secondary phase currents and voltages in order to predict and estimate the behaviour of the electrode control system.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! 

We can asses the condition of your furnace!

Evaluation of high current impedance with the "triple two-phase dip test"
  • Ensures optimal power input
  • Checks the symmetry energy distribution 
Electrical equipment usage
  • e.g., transformers, cables, switch gears, etc.
  • Current and voltage measurements 
Fault identification and evaluation
  • e.g. virtual start point, magnetic field, influence on fieldbus, etc.
  • Application-specific measurements (e.g., 3D magnetic field logger, fieldbus analyser, thermal imaging, etc.) 
Estimation of electrode control system behavior
  • Measurement of a heat regarding (secondary phase currents and voltages) 

Measurement results reporting:

  • Actual furnace parameters
  • Transformer usage (current and power)
  • Report featuring a measurement data analysis
  • Presentation and discussion on demand 
How can we improve your furnace?

Technical consulting & assistance:

  • Dimensioning of optimal “high current” secondary system (e.g., external or internal delta closure)
  • Furnace operation optimization (e.g., electrical circle diagram, power profile and short-circuit current calculations)
  • Comparison of the existing electrode control system against ISEC-MOBILE
  • Example: Reduction of harmonic levels by replacing the electrode control system. 
Machine Safety Regulations

Our expert safety team is available to support you during the safety regulation process.

Whether from the outset in new automation projects or for pre-existing machines or plants, with our experience in safety we can help you to ensure your plant is safe.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! 


Risk assessment

  • Verification of machine compliance in accordance with national and international standards and legal regulations plus the identification of any risks.
  • Hazard and operability study (HAZOP)
  • Risk consultancy meetings
  • Risk analysis in accordance with the relevant standards 

Safety concept

  • Development of concepts for the identification and preliminary survey of installations required for safety purposes

Safety design

  • Elaboration of solutions to meet the required levels of safety and performance
  • Development of electric and automation shut-down matrices

System Integration

  • On-site integration and implementation of safety devices

Safety validation

  • On-site evaluation of the risk assessment and safety concept 

Approval of CE-conformity

  • Evaluation and conformity check on existing machines