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GreenTech-Award – small steps towards a greener future

With the GreenTech Award 2020/21, the ÖGVS for the first time honors Austrian companies and research institutions whose inventions and innovations contribute to a lower impact on our environment and therefor as a consequence to climate protection.

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First Cast after CCM Upgrade successfully completed

INTECO is proud to announce that the modernization of an existing 6-Strand-Continuous Caster at our Russian client was completed beginning of December 2020 to our and our customer’s full satisfaction meeting expected and highest quality standards of the billets. Guarantees were therefor achieved from the beginning. Closed casting is still ongoing.

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Successful start-up of the largest Segment Caster in the world

On December 23rd 2020, INTECO made its customer Tianma as well as itself an early Christmas present by successfully producing the first two ingots at the world’s largest Segment Caster of its kind. In this first cast, two 6m blooms with a diameter of 700mm and a single weight of 18t have been casted.

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INTECO is happy to announce that the down-payment for two new contracts, for in total four remelting furnaces, has been received.

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Anniversary to be celebrated

On November 13th, the first ingot in the brand-new 6t VAR furnace at Ruspolymet has been successfully produced. This successful start-up constitutes another remarkable milestone and anniversary in the partnership between RUSPOLYMET and INTECO since this VAR project will be the 10th project that carried out together.

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