VOD-Upgrade for FRISA

Frisa, being a global leading manufacturer of seamless rolled rings and open die forgings, positions itself as the “Forging Evolution”. Now Frisa’s steel mill evolved to its next level: The first heat with the INTECO VOD plant at Frisa in Mexico was carried out successfully during the Easter weekend 2019. After a short shutdown of only two and a half weeks the existing VD plant was upgraded with all necessary equipment for VOD operation.

Eduardo Garza, CEO about the project:” We are very pleased with how the VOD project was executed.  My colleagues were very pleased with the equipment, the technology but more importantly with the team of people from INTECO that worked on the project.” 

The VOD unit will enable Frisa to produce an even wider range of steel grades in the future.

After the fruitful cooperation between both companies during the installation of the steel mill which was commissioned in 2016 this project is another milestone in INTECO’s history. It presents the first INTECO VOD plant of such heat size with mechanical vacuum pumps.

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