TianMa orders INTECO Segment Caster

Beginning of June the Chinese high-end special steel producer TianMa has awarded INTECO with the order of a new 2-strand Segment Caster.

The Segment Caster will produce special steel grades in the section sizes of Ø500mm, 620-octaeder and Ø1.000mm. The key components of this caster consist of INTECO’s latest novel technologies for achieving highest quality requirements and highest yield, such as servo-drive oscillation, a mould system, a mould level control system, a dynamic hybrid electro-magnetic stirring system as well as an inductive heating system for hot top treatment.  INTECO supplies the engineering, key-technological equipment as well as the technological packages for automation solutions (Level 1, Level 1.5, online-solidification model, etc.).

In the recent years, INTECO has focused on the innovative developments of the Segment Caster, a semi-continuous casting technology, and with several references is the undisputed world leader in the casting technology for special steel products. This reference being the first Segment Caster installation in China is of significant importance to INTECO and the experts and project team will put their highest priorities into this project to fulfil and exceed the customer expectations.

The installation of the Segment Caster will allow TianMa to shift the production from a conventional ingot casting route to segment casting producing products with superior overall quality at significant reduced overall costs.  With this investment, TianMa will strengthen its market position and competitiveness to be one-step ahead of their competitors.

INTECO and TianMa are looking forward to this joint project, which according to schedule will go into operation in 2018.

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