Three more remelting furnaces for Daye Special Steel

Daye Special Steel, one of INTECO’s very first customers in China has signed the contract for the engineering and supply of three remelting furnaces with INTECO - two ESR and one VAR furnace. These new furnaces will play a big part in Daye’s expansion plans for the increased production of high-performance steels and superalloys. The two ESRs will enable the production of ingots with max. diameters of 500mm respectively 700mm achieving ingot weights between 3 and 6t in single electrode/static mould operation. The VAR with a max. ingot weight of 25t and with ingots produced up to 1150mm will be one of the biggest VAR furnaces that have ever been built. Especially this furnace will be of exceptional value as an important reference in the highly competitive VAR market.

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