Successful revamping at TungHo Steel Vietnam

The revamping project of the existing EAF and LF units at TungHo Steel Vietnam has been successfully started up at the end of 2019. This project has been realized within the short period of less than one year and is now in production.

In order to increase efficiency, output and operator safety the following innovative technological parts have been integrated into the existing Electric Arc Furnace:

A new chemical energy package (burners/injectors) by INTEO PTI including JetBOxesand valve stands has been integrated into the existing carbon injection system. In addition a complete new melting management package (hardware and software) with an interface to the existing automation system for a complete and centralized EAF equipment management was implemented

Furthermore new electrode lifting columns including hydraulic cylinders, new copper conductive arms, new high current water cooled cables and new transformer secondary circuits with a very special and tailored design have been integrated and the roof centrepiece has been modified.

The ladle furnace has been equipped with new copper conductive arms f and a new connection adapter for the existing lifting columns. Also the centrepiece of the ladle furnace roof has been subject to modification.

In the following weeks the performance guarantees will be carried out and the final acceptance certificate is expected in due course.

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