Sometimes the END is just the BEGINNING !

With the final acceptance of US steel giant NUCOR, INTECO can now proudly declare its first ever VD plant project in the US as successfully closed. But looking back at the project’s course and reading through the plants technical features below we really think that this plant was “a first” but for sure will not be the last….

Thanks to the great dedication and distance-spanning teamwork of INTECO and the NUCOR project team in Darlington, this plant really can be called a milestone in INTECO’s company history. It is not only the first INTECO VD plant in the US but also the largest one with mechanical vacuum pumps. Some further technical innovations include an advanced system design that provides short pump-down times,  pressure curves adapted to each steel grade and the special concept of the vacuum cover, strictly following INTECO’s “zero leakage design”, which allows extremely short treatment times and thus results in increased process efficiency.

But it’s not all about the numbers. INTECO’s “No man around” concept – applied in the overall engineering of the plant – is designed to eliminate the need for operators to work in areas with a high risk of injury and to eliminate unnecessary manual operations. INTECO TBR’s Automatic Gas Coupling System is one particular important tool to achieve this goal.

So if you are up to introduce some major technical innovations to your steel plant in the US (or elsewhere in the world) – we are in!

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