New Order from Daye Special Steel, China

Daye Special Steel – domiciled in China’s crisis-ridden Wuhan district – is without doubt one of the clients that can best testify to the rise of INTECO in China over the past two decades.

As the client that signed the supply contract for the very first INTECO plant in China just under 20 years ago, Daye, with its three operating ESR and VAR plants, is one of INTECO’s most important clients in China. Following a clear separation of the different process flows in the special steel mill, INTECO has been awarded to relocate and upgrade the existing VAR as part of this restructuring activities. Some electrical components and the automation system will now be upgraded to the state-of-the-art and the necessary recommissioning of the plant as a result of the relocation will be supported and supervised by INTECO’s experts.

This project is a good example of the sustainability and importance of long-term client relationships, which are maintained based on flexibility and mutual support, even in difficult times.

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