MIMETE Powder Production Plant, Italy

In June 2017 INTECO signed a contract with MIMETE S.R.L. (part of FOMAS Group) for a new “next-generation” gas atomization system for the production of highest quality spherical metal powders to be used in the additive manufacturing industry. This new and innovative system is designed to produce highest quality metal powders with maximum yield and flexibility, setting a new industry benchmark.

This project has highest strategic importance since FOMAS is one of INTECO´s most important customers in Europe, with already an INTECO ESR in successful operation. This customer satisfaction was probably the crucial reason for continuing the cooperation with INTECO.

This trust and confidence is also mirrored in an ongoing cooperation agreement between INTECO and MIMETE, which targets to jointly progress on the latest developments and solutions in the field of high-end powder production technology.

The current project is running smoothly and according to schedule with the engineering phase being completed. Both partners are ready and highly motivated to install and commission this latest cutting-edge technology in summer 2018 in order to be at the forefront of the most modern powder production plants not only in Europe but probably worldwide.


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