INTECO successfully completes modernization of continuous casting plant at OEMK

The re-equipment of the continuous-casting machine no. 3 at OEMK in Stary Oskol, Russia, has been completed successfully. OEMK is a subsidiary of Metalloinvest and operates a large melt shop in south-west Russia. The concept of the relatively large plant with a capacity of 3.5 million tonnes a year is based on the processing of its own iron ore.

After delivering all components, the existing equipment of one bloom caster was removed and new components, such as new moulds, oscillators, new withdrawal units for Mechanical Soft Reduction (MSR), secondary cooling, automatic casting powder feeder as well as various auxiliary units, were installed under the supervision of INTECO experts in an erection phase lasting 30 days in October/November 2019. The electrical part of the equipment and automation system were also largely modified and a Level 2 process control system was implemented.

The first heat was cast in November 2019. After caster setup and debugging, standard tests, a short Christmas break and performance of guarantee heats, the Generally Acceptable Values Certificate for the plant was signed in mid-March 2020. The guarantee heats involved the casting of bearing, rail and structural steels as well as low-alloy steel grades for the automotive industry. It is also worth noting that from the very beginning production operations took place on an ongoing basis to keep the loss of production to a minimum.

The technological highlight of this continuous casting plant is a new system for “Mechanical Soft Reduction (MSR)” with seven modules per strand, which was able to be adapted and customized to the client’s satisfaction having improved the quality of the products. A geometrical compression of a semi-solid bloom in small steps with withdrawal and straightening modules increases the internal quality.

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