INTECO continuous to accompany Ruspolymet´s path to success

We proudly announce that the Russian steel producer and long-term customer Ruspolymet has awarded INTECO again to design and deliver two more remelting furnaces. The orders are based on Ruspolymet’s decision to expand production capacities for remelted high-performance steels and super-alloys by adding another VAR and one more ESR furnace to the production process. The new 6t VAR- and 14t ESR plant will utilize the increased melting capacity of a brand-new INTECO-VIM furnace that is going to be installed beginning of January.


With these two new furnaces, Ruspolymet and INTECO will have successfully executed an outstanding number of 13 (!) projects in a rather short period of less than 10 years.


We would like to thank Ruspolymet for the trust and excellent cooperation over the last decade. INTECO will put utmost efforts and commitment in every single project to continue this unique partnership for the years to come.

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