INTECO and Erzhong carry out the first heat with China's largest ESR plant

Electro-slag remelting not only represents INTECO's starting point as a company, it also represents one of the core competencies it has built up over more than 45 years.

INTECO is considered by experts to be the leading company for this complex process and has the largest number of references and the largest technology and experience for different steels and alloys worldwide.

In November last year it began installing a highly complex metallurgical 150t ESR plant at Erzhong, China, and at the end of March the first heat was carried out by INTECO's team of experts on site together with the customer according to the agreed schedule.

The plant has two melting stations in which ingots with a diameter of up to 2100mm are remelted using electrode exchange technology. INTECO's operating experience and technological lead in the installation of similar systems at world-renowned manufacturers in recent years were once again also in this project the guarantee for successful commissioning.

Due to its size and design, this plant will set a new milestone in China and further strengthen INTECO's market leadership worldwide.


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