4th INTECO ESR at Uddeholms AB

The Swedish premium steel producer Uddeholms AB has signed the contract for another Electro-Slag-Remelting (ESR) furnace with INTECO. This furnace will be the fourth ESR that INTECO installs in Hagfors and it´s going to be another important and prestigious reference in the field of ESR.

This highly innovative furnace allows to be evacuated before melt start and features a most efficient protective gas system providing repeatable conditions for the production of ESR-ingots up to 30t and with a maximum diameter of 1250mm in static mould operation.

Uddeholms AB enjoys highest reputation in the market and is known as the world´s leading manufacturer of tool steel. The additional capacity made possible by the new furnace will allow Uddeholm to meet increasing demand and provide superior ESR products to the steel market.

Considering the well-established cooperation between both companies, INTECO is more than confident that the new ESR will be started up according to the envisaged project schedule by November next year.

We would like to thank Uddeholm for the excellent cooperation over the past years as well as the trust in INTECO giving us the honorable duty to install the fourth ESR furnace.

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