Hello Vietnam!

INTECO receives its first order from a Vietnamese customer

End of October INTECO was awarded with the revamping of an existing 100t Electric Arc Furnace as well as of an existing Ladle Furnace by TungHo Vietnam. The plant is part of the Taiwanese Tung Ho steel group and produces approximately 1 Mio t/year.

This might be the first order from Vietnam but not from the Tung Ho group. Previously INTECO PTI –the US based INTECO group member - supplied and successfully commissioned chemical energy systems at TungHo Taoyuan Works and TungHo Maioli Works, both located in Taiwan.

INTECO PTI’s remarkable work for sure was one of the main driving forces for selecting the INTECO Group again for this challenging revamping project.

So it is not a surprise that the scope of supply not only consists of high current components, a mechanical upgrade, a new electrical- and automation system as well as new current conductive arms for the ladle furnace but also of INTECO PTI’s JetBOxes TM with burners systems, valve stand, full automation and critical spare parts package.

The startup is scheduled for summer 2019 with only a very short shutdown phase expected. 

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