GreenTech-Award – small steps towards a greener future

With the GreenTech Award 2020/21, the ÖGVS for the first time honors Austrian companies and research institutions whose inventions and innovations contribute to a lower impact on our environment and therefor as a consequence to climate protection. Award winners were selected based on the performance of patents filed between 2017 and the end of September 2020 in the category “technologies or applications to curb or adapt to climate change”. INTECO is proud to be among the best 25% of the awarded 500 Austrian companies.

The decisive patents were the following:

  • Method and device for controlling the movement of an electrode in an EAF
  • System for melting down scrap and method for operating system
  • Scrap pre-heating device for a melting furnace and method for scrap pre-heating

INTECO will continue to do everything possible to contribute to a better and greener future, not only with its innovations but also with adaptions at its headquarters to enhance ecological efficiency.

Small changes can make a big difference.

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