Good news come together

The receipt of a Final Acceptance Certificate from one of our customers is always a milestone to celebrate. It´s even a greater occasion if two FACs are received within one week as we have experienced recently. On the one hand, it fills us with pride and satisfaction that our joint efforts paid off and on the other hand a closed project challenges us to offer the best possible technical service in future.

The Turkish special steel producer Asil Celik has issued the FAC for a static crucible Electro-Slag-Remelting (ESR) plant capable of producing ingots up to 16 tons. This most-modern ESR plant is equipped with all state-of-the-art design features providing the perfect equipment for Asil Celik to produce superior ESR ingots for most-demanding applications. The excellent cooperation between both companies was key to this success and all of us are confident that Asil Celik wil continue its road to success to establish a leading position as a producer of high-performance steels.

With all process guarantees already positively evaluated and the acceptance certificate already been issued for the 8t static mould ESR plant in October 2020, the Russian special steel producer NPO “Laboratory of Special Steel and Alloys” also signed the FAC for all other production units in the new melt shop. That includes an 8t EAF for special steel and nickel based alloys, equipped with an oxygen and carbon manipulator from INTECO PTI, an 8t Ladle Furnace, both including an ISEC electrode controller, a DETEM plant with mechanical pumps as well as an ingot casting car. All production units are covered by the latest version of our IMAS production management system. This small-sized but tailor-made melt shop configuration will allow NPO to produce high-quality steels in a flexible and highly productive manner to serve demanding markets.

INTECO would like to thank both companies for the excellent cooperation during the projects and hopes that these projects are just the beginning of a successful partnership and joint success for the years to come.

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