INTECO is happy to announce that the down-payment for two new contracts, for in total four remelting furnaces, has been received.

An existing premium customer from China awarded INTECO with the design and supply of an 8t ESR plant, identical to the existing one which is already successful in operation for a couple of years. This customer has expressed its satisfaction based on its excellent experience with the first installation and the smooth performance of the plant which produces superior ESR quality.

The second contract has also been signed with an existing customer from China. After INTECO has successfully commissioned two Titanium-VARs last year, this existing customer ordered the supply of three more Ti-VAR furnaces. Within about 10 months, two identical 10t furnaces and one 17t Ti-VAR-furnace will be installed in close cooperation with INTECO´s local subsidiary in Dalian.

In general, the market situation especially in China allows an encouraging outlook since a boom for titanium but also for special steels and Ni-based super-alloys can be reported. Those superior materials serve as materials for demanding applications such as the aerospace industry.

Of course, any follow-up order at an existing customer is key to our strategy and proves INTECO´s flexibility and commitment in the execution of our projects in order to fully satisfy our customers.

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