First Heat with first INTECO Ti-VAR in China

The Chinese steel producer Chongqing Kingsley Titanium Technology awarded INTECO with the Engineering and Supply of a Titan-VAR (Ti-VAR), with which ingots with an approx. weight of 17t and a diameter of 1200mm can be remelted in one melt station.

After the on schedule delivery beginning of 2019 and the erection finalized this spring, now and very much to the pleasure of the client and the INTECO expert time on site the first heat was carried out successfully.

The remelted ingot was produced with the so called “double-stick” method, where one long electrode is welded out of two smaller ones. First the stub is welded with the consumable part and then the second electrode is welded with the first one in the furnace according to predefined process parameters.

This project represents the first successful commissioning of an INTECO TI-VAR in the upcoming and promising Chinese market. INTECO is confident that with this successful commissioning many follow up orders will be secured within the Chinese Titanium industry.

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