First heat with 10t Titan VAR at Shaanxi Tian Cheng Aerospace

On 21 March, the first ingot was successfully remelted in the new 10t titanium vacuum arc furnace at the Chinese client Shaanxi Tian Cheng Aerospace’s plant.

This commissioning is a unique premiere in the company’s history, as the cold and hot test phase as well as the production of the very first ingot was supervised by INTECO experts from Austria via remote access. Due to the well-publicised travel restrictions, this coup, which very much impressed the Chinese client, was supported by our experienced INTECO employees from China.

Together, INTECO’s metallurgists and automation engineers remotely supervised and controlled the first remelting process from Austria with aplomb. As a reward for this exceptional performance, the client signed the final acceptance certificate the very next day and the further support was agreed upon.

Remelting processes for other ingots have since been supported via remote assistance and production has commenced. Although the outbreak of the corona crisis led to an uncontrollable project delay of a few weeks and months, Shaanxi Tian Cheng Aerospace was impressed with the flexibility and expertise of INTECO’s employees. The client will doubtless remember this feat for future projects.


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