First heat at one of three new Ti-VAR furnaces

Joint efforts paid off again as INTECO performed the first heat at one of in total three recently delivered Titanium-VAR furnaces at a confidential customer in China. Considering this first successful start-up, our customer will soon operate four (one already in operation since 2019) most modern INTECO Ti-VAR furnaces side by side. Two 12t Ti-VAR and one 17t Ti-VAR furnace are designed as a single-head, two station concept including lock valves for highest productivity.

All Ti-VAR furnaces will be operated with INTECO´s already existing process and product management system – IMAS –applying most modern industry standards on this production line.

It´s worth mentioning that within the last couple of years INTECO has established a technological leadership in the field of Titanium production technologies. This is well proven by more than 10 high-end furnaces at most renowned companies that have been successfully started up in the past 5 years.

Our customers rely on INTECO´s equipment and process technology when superior quality for high demanding industries shall be paired with highest repeatability in a safe and operator-friendly operation.

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