First Heat at BGH Lippendorf

INTECO proudly announces that the first melt at the new ESR-plant at BGH Lippendorf has been successfully carried out on 13th of March, 2021. This unique furnace concept combines short collar mould operation and electrode exchange technology in a central melt station as well as a static mould operation in up to two outer stations. In general, this plant is characterized by highest productivity utilizing two fully equipped furnace heads and three melt stations in the expansion phase to produce ingots with max. diameter of 1250mm and weights up to 25t.

With this highly innovative furnace concept, BGH Lippendorf will be able to produce a wide range of ingot sizes tailored to its market needs and requirements.

A big THANK YOU to the whole project team as well as to our long-term premium customer BGH Lippendorf for the great support and teamwork.

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