First Cast after CCM Upgrade successfully completed

INTECO is proud to announce that the modernization of an existing 6-Strand-Continuous Caster at our Russian client was completed beginning of December 2020 to our and our customer’s full satisfaction meeting expected and highest quality standards of the billets. Guarantees were therefor achieved from the beginning. Closed casting is still ongoing.

Within this project INTECO supplied new moulds and foot rolls for a size of 150x150mm as well as a new secondary cooling system. Furthermore, in the course of the upgrade from an open casting to a submerged casting operation, the plant was equipped with stopper mechanisms and emergency slide gates. The tundishes have been modified accordingly and a preheating furnace for shrouds has been supplied. The INTECO innovative Mould Level Master closely controls the supply of liquid steel from the tundish to the mould with highest accuracy ensuring closest tolerances of the meniscus level in the mould. In addition, INTECO's experts have upgraded the control system and the associated software. This upgrade and modification will contribute to a significant increase in the quality level of the billets and will enable an extension of the products to be cast in the machine. This caster was originally developed for carbon steel grades but in future will be utilized for the production of high demanding SBQ steel grades.

With this additional reference in the highly competitive Continuous Casting market, INTECO achieved another remarkable success which ultimately underlines INTECO´s position as a premium technology supplier, combining high-end equipment with the corresponding process technology.

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