Breitenfeld orders new ESR plant at INTECO

In May INTECO was happy to receive an order from a long time customer and neighbor.

Breitenfeld Edelstahl AG, located only 20 minutes from the INTECO headquarters in Bruck placed an order for engineering and delivery of a 30t static mold ESR plant.

The plant features innovative auxiliary equipment and will also include an INTECO IMAS System for the whole Special Steel Shop. This process automation system is a high quality software solution and supports the special melting and re-melting processes from administration, planning and work preparation activities across the production up to the quality control of the final or semi-finished products.

In the past already three INTECO furnaces (2 ESR and 1 VAR) have been installed at the customers’ melt shop producing high quality special steel and superalloys. This further order is a result of the extraordinary business relationship between Breitenfeld and INTECO:

As INTECO ESR plants of this type have been installed in various plants all over the world, this project can be realized in short time until the first ingot can be remelted.

The erection and commissioning phase is already planned for beginning of 2019.

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