Big steps towards becoming an independent special steel producer

produce a wide range of steel grades up to nickel-based alloys. An oxygen and carbon manipulator from INTECO PTI is used as well as INTECO‘s ISEC electrode controller. These tools ensure optimal consumption figures and short processing times. The newly commissioned secondary metallurgical shop consists of a Ladle Furnace and a DETEM plant with the possibility to perform VOD treatment as well. This configuration enables NPO to produce virtual any steel grades including ultra-low carbon stainless steels, but also nickel-based alloys. Ingots for further treatment in the ESR plant or in NPO’s Rolling Mill are teemed into tailor-made moulds using INTECO’s Ingot Casting car. Despite the small heat size of the plant, the achievable results in terms of quality are as good as those of larger plants. Process technology provided by INTECO’s metallurgists for the entire process chain – melting, refining, casting & remelting – ensures consistent and superior quality of the final product.

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