INTECO carries out first heat at Fushun

INTECO and Fushun special steel are linked by a long time business relationsship when it comes to remelting technology: A few years ago the first INTECO plants have been installed at the innovative Chinese steel producer to full satisfaction of the customer, who is a pioneering role model for many companies in China.


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Hotel Böhlerstern in Kapfenberg Austria was the perfect location for INTECOs anniversary festivities beginning of July.


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Breitenfeld orders new ESR plant at INTECO

In May INTECO was happy to receive an order from a long time customer and neighbor. Breitenfeld Edelstahl AG, located only 20 minutes from the INTECO headquarters in Bruck placed an order for engineering and delivery of a 30t static mold ESR plant.


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MIMETE Powder Production Plant, Italy

In June 2017 INTECO signed a contract with MIMETE S.R.L. (part of FOMAS Group) for a new “next-generation” gas atomization system for the production of highest quality spherical metal powders to be used in the additive manufacturing industry. This new and innovative system is designed to produce highest quality metal powders with maximum yield and flexibility, setting a new industry benchmark.


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Follow up order from TianMa for INTECO

Following the order for a segment caster in June, TianMa again trusted INTECO as plant engineering company of choice. The steel producer ordered the engineering and supply of a 60t Electric Arc Furnace, again as for the segment caster, being the first Chinese customer for this kind of furnace.


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