Nucor Steel Darlington orders VD unit from INTECO

Nucor is one of the largest and most diversified steel producers of North America. Since many years INTECO PTI has been a reliable supplier for innovative steel plant components to various Nucor plants and now it is a great honour for the INTECO headquarter in Austria to deliver steel refining technology to the American steel giant.


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INTECO wins Styrian Export Award


INTECO is delighted to announce that after the reception of the Austrian Export Award 2019, also the Styrian Export Award has been awarded to us. Dr. Harald Holzgruber together with his wife and daughter was happy to receive the award at the Styran Export Day in the middle of September. A price truely dedicated to all INTECO employees.


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First Heat with first INTECO Ti-VAR in China

The Chinese steel producer Chongqing Kingsley Titanium Technology awarded INTECO with the Engineering and Supply of a Titan-VAR (Ti-VAR), with which ingots with an approx. weight of 17t and a diameter of 1200mm can be remelted in one melt station.


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INTECO wins Austrian Export Award

As part of the Austrian Export Day organized by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce INTECO was awarded with the Export Award 2019. Every year companies with extraordinary international activities that are indispensable for the growth, wealth and employment in Austria receive this award, selected by a jury of experts on behalf of their export performance.


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VOD-Upgrade for FRISA

Frisa, being a global leading manufacturer of seamless rolled rings and open die forgings, positions itself as the “Forging Evolution”. Now Frisa’s steel mill evolved to its next level: The first heat with the INTECO VOD plant at Frisa in Mexico was carried out successfully during the Easter weekend 2019. After a short shutdown of only two and a half weeks the existing VD plant was upgraded with all necessary equipment for VOD operation.



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