First heat with 10t Titan VAR at Shaanxi Tian Cheng Aerospace

On 21 March, the first ingot was successfully remelted in the new 10t titanium vacuum arc furnace at the Chinese client Shaanxi Tian Cheng Aerospace’s plant.



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INTECO obtains FAC for powder production line from Tiangong Aihe Co. Ltd.

In March 2020, a prestigious high-tech project was completed for the premium Chinese customer Tiangong Aihe Co. Ltd. and the final acceptance certificate (FAC) was issued.


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New Order from Daye Special Steel, China

Daye Special Steel – domiciled in China’s crisis-ridden Wuhan district – is without doubt one of the clients that can best testify to the rise of INTECO in China over the past two decades.


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Successful revamping at TungHo Steel Vietnam

The revamping project of the existing EAF and LF units at TungHo Steel Vietnam has been successfully started up at the end of 2019. This project has been realized within the short period of less than one year and is now in production.

In order to increase efficiency, output and operator safety the following innovative technological parts have been integrated into the existing Electric Arc Furnace:


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Successful Completion of EAF Project at TianMa China

TianMa is one of the leading bearing steel producers in China and decided in 2017 to upgrade its production, by awarding INTECO with the order of a modern EAF as well as a Segment Caster, which will be one of the largest in the whole world.

After a project execution time of about two years, this latest INTECO state of the art electric arc furnace, with a lot of new features and improvements, was successfully set in operation by end of November.



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