First Heat at Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Witten

Erste Schmelze bei den Deutschen Edelstahlwerken Witten

In January 2014 the first heat at the new secondary metallurgical centre at Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Witten was carried out. The melting process on the new treatment line’s ladle furnace and VD/VOD plant was realized without any major difficulties and delays.

This was the first important milestone of the start up phase, which took place according to schedule.

The first part of this large scale project comprised the revamping of the existing secondary metallurgical line and was finalized mid of 2012.

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Start Up at Buderus Edelstahl GmbH

Inbetriebnahme bei Buderus Edelstahl GmbH

INTECO successfully commissioned the new material handling system for the secondary metallurgical plant at Buderus Edelstahl in Wetzlar (Germany) end of August 2013.

In addition to the supply and installation of the new alloying plant INTECO replaced the control and visualisation system of the existing material handling plant. The new entire complex is now also integrated into the steel plant‘s Level 2 system.

With the implemented extension of the alloying system it is now possible to charge additives simultaneously into the EAF as well as into the refining units. 

The emphasised close cooperation between Buderus Edelstahl, INTECO and its subsidary INTECO atec automation was the key for a successful completion of the project in due time.

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ESR plant at Ruspolymet

ESU Anlage bei Rusploymet

INTECO is very proud to announce that the contract for the ESR plant signed with Ruspolymet has become effective by October 2013.

This most modern unit will feature all state-of-the-art features such as protective gas operation, full coaxial high current line and a completely updated control system of newest generation. This plant will be designed in a most flexible configuration enabling the operation in collar molds (with electrode change) with a retractable base plate as well as in static molds (single electrode remelting).

Most of the electrodes will be produced in INTECO´s VIM furnace which will be already in production at the time when the ESR plant will be started up. The maximum ingot dimension has been defined with diameter of 750mm and a maximum weight of approx. 10 tons.

Following the request of Ruspolymet, INTECO shortened the delivery time by two months and will delivery this unique ESR furnace in May 2014.

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Dongbei Special Steel signs FAC

Dongbei Special Steel unterzeichnet Endabnahmeprotokoll

End of September 2013 Dongbei Special Steel signed the Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) for the two ESR plants engineered and supplied by INTECO.

The smaller ESR furnace is designed for the production of ingots with a maximum diameter of 1100 mm and a max. weight of approx. 36t and the larger one enables to produce ingots with a maximum diameter of 1750mm and a max. weight of 100t. Both are short collar mold plants and include a retractable base plate with the option of installing INTECO’s patented CCM® (Current Conductive Mold) technology at a later stage.

A part of the manufacturing for this plant was carried out by INTECO Dalian, INTECO’s local production site located in Dalian, China.

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INTECO Melting, Refining, Casting & Remelting Symposium 2013

INTECO Melting, Refining, Casting & Remelting Symposium 2013

On the occasion of INTECO’s 40th anniversary and TBR casting technologies’ 25th anniversary both companies hosted a get-together for the worldwide top class of steel- and special metallurgy industry. 24 speakers, all of them international experts presented new developments, progress and results in terms of melting and casting technology. 

Around 150 participants joined the INTECO Symposium for the sessions and took also the opportunity to take part in the excursions to visit the steel plant of Metal Ravne and Breitenfeld.

THANK YOU to all of them – we hope to see you soon at our next event!

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