INTECO successfully completes modernization of continuous casting plant at OEMK

The re-equipment of the continuous-casting machine no. 3 at OEMK in Stary Oskol, Russia, has been completed successfully. OEMK is a subsidiary of Metalloinvest and operates a large melt shop in south-west Russia. The concept of the relatively large plant with a capacity of 3.5 million tonnes a year is based on the processing of its own iron ore.


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Order for new spray cooling systems, Confidential Customer Europe

In the last years the prices for graphite electrodes reached an all-time high and even though the supply situation has relaxed nowadays the electrode consumption is a crucial factor in the production costs of electric steel making. For new EAFs it is nowadays state of the art to use spray cooling systems to considerably reduce the electrode consumption. However more and more clients running older furnaces are asking to retrofit such a system to gain its benefits.


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First heat with 10t Titan VAR at Shaanxi Tian Cheng Aerospace

On 21 March, the first ingot was successfully remelted in the new 10t titanium vacuum arc furnace at the Chinese client Shaanxi Tian Cheng Aerospace’s plant.



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INTECO obtains FAC for powder production line from Tiangong Aihe Co. Ltd.

In March 2020, a prestigious high-tech project was completed for the premium Chinese customer Tiangong Aihe Co. Ltd. and the final acceptance certificate (FAC) was issued.


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New Order from Daye Special Steel, China

Daye Special Steel – domiciled in China’s crisis-ridden Wuhan district – is without doubt one of the clients that can best testify to the rise of INTECO in China over the past two decades.


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