INTECO the company

The INTECO Group located in Bruck an der Mur (Austria) was founded in 1973 as a consulting company for the stainless steel industry and has been managed by Dr. Harald Holzgruber since 1998. A young, dynamic workforce of 200 in Austria as well as a further 200 highly qualified employees who work in subsidiaries in Brazil, China, India, Italy and the USA, contribute to the company’s consistent success and combine many years of expertise with know-how.

INTECO is the only supplier worldwide that offers and has already commissioned innovative plants and technologies for the entire process chain for manufacturing steel and super-alloys. This comprises all kinds of Ingot Casting and Continuous Casting plants as well as remelting units, in addition to melting and secondary metallurgical treatment.

INTECO’s product portfolio also includes rolling mill solutions and industrial furnaces.

As future technologies, INTECO provides plants for manufacturing metal powders and plants specifically for titanium production.

INTECO offers automation solutions for individual units as well as plant-wide systems that are tailored to the customer’s exact needs. 

The entire team and the INTECO brand are synonymous with bespoke solutions for customers, innovative product engineering, a high degree of flexibility and processing that is administrated in a spirit of partnership.

Market leaders in the steel production industry around the world rely on the plants designed and developed by INTECO.

The following product and system solutions are offered:

  • Melting (EAF, VIM)
  • Refining (LF, VD/VOD, AOD, RH)
  • Casting (CC, IC, SC)
  • Remelting (ESR, pressure ESR, ESRR®, VAR)
  • Automation Production Management Systems (IMAS)
  • Consulting Services
  • Industrial Furnaces
  • Powder Technology
  • Rolling Mills
  • Titanium Technology
INTECO Headquarter