ESR plant for Xingtai Iron and Steel Corp., China

In July 2010 China’s Xingtai Iron and Steel Corporation signed a contract for the supply of an ESR and ESRR®plant for the production of billets with a max. cross section of 160 x 160 mm and a max. length of 9.3 m, as well as ESR ingots with a max. weight of 9t and a max. diameter of 600 mm. The ESRR® technology patented by INTECO will be improved by this new plant concept. New standards for the ESR billet production are set through the coaxial design, the more efficient electrode change system and the significantly improved billet manipulation.

34t ESR plant for Fushun Special Steel, China

In February 2010 Fushun Special Steel, part of the Dongbei Group, signed a contract for delivery of a combined static- and short collar mold ESR plant. With this new plant, ingots with a max. weight of 34t and max. diameter of 1000mm can be produced. 

As a matter of course the plant is equipped with protective gas technology and coaxial design for the production of high quality ingots at minimal power consumption. 

The pre-assembly and manufacturing of part of the plant will take place in INTECO’s own manufacturing shop located in Dalian, China.

145t ESR plant for confidential customer, Japan

By signing a contract for a combined ESR plant with static- and short collar mold in July 2009, INTECO now conquers also the Japanese market. 

The client, a Japanese special steel producer known for its high quality demands, was persuaded by INTECO’s outstanding technology and by the robust and for industrial use optimized plant design. With the new plant, ingots with a max. weight of 145 t and 1900 mm diameter can be produced. The plant can also be upgraded with an additional external 36t static mold station if required.

50t ESR plant for Metal Ravne, Slovenia

After the successful start up of one of the first ESR plants at Metal Ravne in 1981 by INTECO, which still produces at maximum capacity, in August 2010 the contract for another plant was signed. 

The new project consists of a combined static- and short collar mold ESR plant producing ingots with a max. weight of 50t and a max. diameter of 1400 mm. The new plant by INTECO is equipped with state of the art technology such as a protective gas hood, coaxial design and an innovative control system etc.

The implementation of the current conductive mold (CCM®) is scheduled for a later point of time. The excellent cooperation and teamwork of INTECO and Metal Ravne will be again strengthened through this new project.

ESR furnaces for Dongbei Special Steel, China

In the record-breaking year 2008. INTECO has been awarded with contracts for two ESR furnaces by the Chinese customer Dongbei special steel. The smaller 36t plant, which is designed for production of ingots with a max. diameter of approx. 1000mm, and the 100t furnace capable of remelting max. 1750 mm dia. ingots set another highlight in INTECO´s reference list. Both plants are designed for conventional Short collar mold/retractable baseplate technology with the option of applying INTECO’s patented CCM© technology at a later stage.

ESR furnace for TISCO, China

INTECO is proud to announce that a contract for engineering, supply and commissioning of a 16t static crucible ESR plant with three melt stations has been concluded with this esteemed customer. The plant will be capable of remelting 1100mm diameter ingots produced either with or without electrode change technology. A split power supply concept enables simultaneous remelting in two out of three melt stations served by two fully equipped furnace heads.

Two ESR plants for confidential costumers, Europe

In summer 2008 two more big-sized ESR furnaces have been contracted to INTECO. Both furnaces will be operated with electrode change technology executed in static crucibles. Due to a special power supply and control concept simultaneous single-electrode remelting is possible in additional melt stations.
The plants are designed for production of ingots with a max. weight of 250t (dia. 2600mm) and 110t (dia. 1900mm) respectively and will definitely set new standards in the world of Electro-Slag Remelting.

ESR plant for Saarschmiede, Germany

At the end of February 2008 INTECO was contracted to carry out the design and supply of a 145t ESR plant by Saarschmiede GmbH in Germany. This plant consists of three identical furnace heads and four melting stations, three of them can be operated simultaneously and independently of each other. As an additional option, the plant can be equipped and operated with INTECO's patented current conductive mold CCM©.
This innovative plant concept, which stands out due to its high level of flexibility, was started up in summer 2010 as the ESR plant with the worldwide biggest production capacity of approx. 20,000t/year. After a great number of successful melting processes producing ingots of high quality, the Final Acceptance Certificate has been signed by the client in early 2011.

Laboratory ESR-VAR plant for ALLVAC, USA

This is a combined laboratory ESR-VAR plant for ALLVAC in the US. The plant was ordered at the beginning of the 2008 business year and has been delivered in spring 2009.

Pressure ESR plant for CARPENTER Technology Corp., USA

In July 2007 INTECO was contracted to deliver an innovative pressure ESR plant for the production of high nitrogen special steels. This plant with its new and innovative concept of high current feed and return line is unique in the field of pressure ESR. The plant was engineered and delivered from August 2007 to November 2008. Commissioning of the plant is finished, and protective atmosphere as well as pressurized ESR melts have already been carried out successfully and to the full satisfaction of CARPENTER.

ESR plant for RADOMIR Metals, Bulgaria

This ESR furnace consists of a short collar mold melt station and one central withdrawal station served by two fully equipped furnace heads. In addition to the standard equipment a current conductive mold for ingots of a maximum diameter of 750mm is also included in the scope of supply. The first industrial scale application of INTECO´s patented CCM technology represents another milestone in the history of ESR.

VAR furnace for Daye Special Steel, China

After the successful installation of a 16t ESR plant, Daye Special Steel honored INTECO's performance with another order for the design and supply of a 6t VAR furnace featuring cutting-edge technology in the field of Vacuum Arc Remelting such as drip short control, partial pressure remelting as well as Helium cooling. This small VAR furnace completes INTECO´s diverse product portfolio in the field of special remelting and will be the basis for conquering the global VAR market.

ESR plant for DAYE Special Steel Ltd., China

At the beginning of 2008, INTECO delivered a 16t static crucible ESR to Daye Special Steel. This plant comprising all state-of-the-art- technology such as full coaxial design, unique high current loop design, protective gas remelting, etc. is designed for the production of max. 1000 mm diameter ingots of superior quality. The hot test campaign has already been finished and the Final Acceptance has been signed on schedule.

VAR furnace for Deutsche Edelstahlwerke GmbH, Germany

This most important reference plant was designed and delivered from April 2007 to January 2008. It consists of two vacuum arc furnaces designed for the production of ingot diameters of 1000mm and a maximum ingot weight of approx. 20 tons. Erection and commissioning were successfully completed on schedule to the satisfaction of the customer. This project is another demonstration of the very successful and long-lasting cooperation of more than 25 years between INTECO and the specialty steel mill in Krefeld, now a member of the DEW group.