Casting Technologies

An export rate of more than 90 % and customers spread around the world stand for INTECO's excellent service. A selected list of reference projects allow a small glimpse on the world of INTECO.


Continuous Casting
Horizontal CM

Customer: BGH Edelstahl Freital, Germany
Horizontal CM
Format: Round up to 300 mm
Technical Features:

  • Water cooled copper mould with subsequent water spray cooling
  • Moveable strand EMS
CCM Bow type

Customer: ArcelorMittal Belval, Luxembourg
Type: CCM Bow type
Format: Beam blank
Technical Features:

  • Special mould design to fit large BB4 format in compact strand distance
  • INTECO TBR’ concept of continuous straightening
CCM Bow type

Customer: Lech-Stahlwerke GmbH, Germany
Type: CCM Bow type
Billet and Bloom
Technical Features:

  • INTECO TBR concept of continuous straightening for casting large bloom formats on small machine radius
  • Compact discharge area with highest availability
  • Revamp in shortest time period
CCM Vertical Bending type

Customer: voestalpine STAHL Donawitz GmbH, Austria
Type: CCM Vertical Bending type
Format: Bloom
Technical Features:

  • Vertical bending machine for superior product quality
  • INTECO TBR’ concept of continuous straightening for casting large bloom formats on small machine radius
Technology for Ingot Casting
Ingot Casting

Customer: Buderus Edelstahl GmbH, Germany
Type: Two 200 t Ingot Casting Cars, ATS (Advanced Teeming System)
Max. ingot weight/capacity: 160t / 100t
Technical Features: On board gas purging station and automatic slide gate control

Ingot Casting

Customer: Breitenfeld Edelstahl, Austria
Type: Two 65t Ingot Casting Cars
Max. ingot weight/capacity: 120t / 65t
Technical Features: Multiple Ladle Casting

Ingot Casting

Customer: SeAH Besteel, Korea
Type: IC Plant
Max. ingot weight/capacity: 80-500t
Technical Features: 5 Casting Station in combination with one Vacuum Pump

Ingot Casting

Customer: Grupa Frisa, Mexico
Type: 50 t Ingot Casting Car, Mould Washing Unit, Plate Transfer and Tilting device
Max. ingot weight/capacity: 5- 55t Round Ingots > 5.000 mm
Technical Features: integrated mould washing uni, plate transfer and tilting device

Ingot Casting

Customer: Böhler Edelstahl, Austria
Type: Design of Ingot Casting Area
Max. ingot weight/capacity: 500kg- 50t
Technical Features: Dedusting System for Casting Area