LF and VD/VOD plant for Deutsche Edelstahlwerke GmbH Witten, Germany

At the end of the first quarter 2011 INTECO received the order for an important project from long term customer Deutsche Edelstahlwerke GmbH, Witten. INTECO's scope of supply consists of the following:

The construction of a completely new secondary metallurgy center consisting of a ladle furnace, a VD/VOD plant, Level 2 automation system and an alloy addition system all configured for a max. heat size of 130t.

Furthermore INTECO will modernize the already existing ladle furnace, VD/VOD plant, alloy addition sysem and rinsing unit.

This project will be successfully carried out during the next three years.

New secondary metallurgical plant for Saarstahl AG, Germany

End of 2010 the German steel plant Saarstahl AG awarded INTECO with the supply of a new secondary metallurgical plant.

The order includes supply, engineering, assembling and start up of two 200t twin ladle furnaces and one RH plant of the same batch size. Each ladle is equipped with four wire feeding machines, two T&S manipulators, 2 emergency top lances and two nipple stands.

The RH plant is equipped with a steam vacuum pump for vacuum treatment. The ladle is liftet to the vacuum vessel with a hydraulic ladle lifting device.

The start up of both plants is planned for end of 2012/beginning of 2013.

Project management for new steel plant, 
Qatar Steel Ltd., Qatar

Qatar Steel Company has awarded this project to INTECO in 2010. Due to the present and future market Qatar Steel decided to erect a steel plant for an annual capacity of 1.000.000 t/year.

Additionally the auxiliary equipment and the surrounding infrastructure (foundation, buildings, electric and media distribution) are to be considered. The process equipment consists of one electric arc furnace (EAF), one ladle furnace (LF) and one six strand continuos casting machine (CCM).
INTECO does not only take over the project coordination and overall layout planning, but also coordinates the tendering for the entire equipment. Coordination and supervision of the selected suppliers is done by INTECO’s experienced team during the erection and commissioning phase. During project execution the detail engineering for civil work (foundation, reinforcement, …), electrical power supply, cooling water and all other required media is also covered by INTECO.

Engineering & Supply of the ladle furnace and vacuum degassing for the Secondary Metallurgical Complex & Ingot Casting for 
SeAH-Besteel Corporation, Korea

In May 2009 INTECO sucessfully put into operation a new steel plant for SeAH-Besteel Corporation, Korea, consisting of a 160 t ladle furnace, a 160 t vacuum tank degasser and 7 vacuum ingot casting stations. The order was placed by SeAH-

Besteel in January 2008, the equipment was delivered in November 2008 and commissioned within a record time of only 9 weeks. This new plant allows the production of forging ingots between 60 and up to 500 t for large turbines, especially for the power industry.
Several ladles can be casted into one large ingot using INTECO´s vacuum ingot casting technology.

New secondary metallurgical plant at 
Böhler Edelstahl, Austria

INTECO was awarded this project to deliver the engineering of the steel plant (including equipment, infrastructure, utilities, building, dedusting equipment, alloy addition system, etc.) as well as to supply the ladle furnace, the vacuum degassing unit and the ingot casting equipment.
Based on the mutual trust and confidence between Böhler and INTECO. Böhler has also outsourced their entire project management to INTECO.
The first heat was executed according to the time schedule end of 2009.    

Secondary Metallurgical Plant for Breitenfeld AG, Austria

This project was awarded to INTECO in 2007. The engineering of the new plant was done by INTECO. INTECO also handled the entire sourcing of equipment on behalf of Breitenfeld. Ground breaking took place on October, 1st, 2008. With a construction period of less then 6 months an entire secondary metallurgical plant with 2 ladle furnaces, vacuum degassing (VD/VOD), material handling system, ingot casting and the necessary auxiliary equipment (pre-heater, heat treatment furnaces, water treatment, cranes, dedusting equipment, etc.) was erected. The first heat was executed on April 14th, 2009 and even the very first ingot which was produced had such a good quality that it could be sold to the customers of Breitenfeld. The time schedule was exactly kept and the budget was even undercut due to the excellent cooperation of the project teams of Breitenfeld and INTECO.
A special feature of the new plant is the possibility to cast two ladles into one large ingot, thus producing ingots with double heat size of the EAF.

Anglo American project 
Barro Alto, Brazil

INTECO has engineered and delivered a complete FeNi refining plant for Anglo American’s Barro Alto project with a total capacity of 94.000 t/ year. The first heat will be in April 2011.

The following main and auxiliary equipment was delivered by INTECO:

  • Two Primary Oxygen Blowing Stations
  • Two 50 t Ladle Furnaces with all necessary auxiliary equipment.
  • Two Secondary Oxygen Blowing Stations and Lime Injection
  • Two Deslagging Stands
  • One Alloy Addition System
  • Ladle Preheating Stations
  • One Dedusting System
  • Two Refining Cranes

FeNi refining plant of 

INTECO was selected to supply a FeNi refining plant for VALE´s ONÇA PUMA project with a total capacity of 140.000 t/year.

The first heat in the FeNi refining plant was successfully performed in March 2011.

INTECO engineered and supplied the entire refining plant consisting of the following equipment:

  • Two Primary Oxygen Blowing Station
  • Two 65 t Ladle Furnaces with all necessary auxiliary equipment
  • Two Deslagging Stands
  • Ladle pre heating stations
  • One Alloy Addition System
  • Two Refining Cranes

After setting the plant in operation INTECO will assist the client with its metallurgical expertise during the first phase of production.

Basic and detail engineering as well as project management services for the titanium-melting project of 
UST-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan

For one of the world's largest Titan sponge producers INTECO executed basic and detail engineering works as well as project management services for the design, installation and commissioning of a Titanium Melt Shop to be erected in Kazakhstan.
The project started in 07/2006 and is under commissioning since 12/2009. The total investment amounts to about 85 mio USD.
Throughout the project INTECO was responsible for the basic engineering of the whole plant, including the definition of equipment and process parameters. The plant is set up with a weighing and blending unit, a compacting press, plasma welding stations and VAR furnaces. INTECO was responsible for the design integration of all process equipment, that has been purchased from third parties as well as for basic design of the shop infrastructure. INTECO was also responsible for preparing tender documents, technical and commercial evaluation of offers and assisting the purchasing procedure.