Electroslag (Rapid) Remelting (ESR)

A number of breakthrough technologies (mostly patented) in the field of Special Metallurgy and Remelting Technologies have been introduced to the specialty metal producing industry. The INTECO modular system allows us to build a large variety of plant configurations from standardized components and assemblies. Thereby the plant can be tailored closely to customers’ requirements in an efficient manner at moderate expense.

  • Plant with short collar mold/retractable baseplate
  • Plant with static mold
  • Combined plant concepts (short collar mold and static mold)
  • Pressure ESR plants
  • Large sized ESR furnaces (short collar mold, static mold and combined plant concepts) for ingots between 100t and 250t

In addition to the above specialized versions of the process are available:

  • Electroslag Rapid Remelting (ESRR®)
  • Current Conductive Mold (CCM®)
  • ESR for the production of hollows with short collar mold
  • ESR for the production of slabs with short collar or static mold
  • Combined ESR-VAR plants for laboratory use

Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR)

For thepurpose of cleanness, structure refining and property improvement, steels, titanium grades, super alloys and other materials require vacuum remelting. The electrodes used for VAR application can be produced via ingot vesting, vacuum induction melting (VIM) and / or Electroslag Remelting (Double/Triple (Re)melting).


  • Complete furnace coaxiality
  • Partial pressure remelting
  • X-Y adjustment for electrode centering
  • Mold Helium cooling system
  • Electromagnetic field for arc control
  • Drip short control
  • Unique process control

Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM)

INTECO supplies single or multi-chamber VIM and VIMP® furnace systems for heat sizes of 15t and more and provides installation and commissioning services as well as operational expertise.


  • Quick crucible exchange
  • Extremely low leakage rate
  • Short preheating time of tundish
  • Modular, efficient vacuum system
  • Vertical vacuum valves between chambers
  • Maximum productivity
  • High yield – reduced losses
  • Minimum manpower for operation & maintenance
  • Pouring under atmosphere, protective gas or vacuum
  • Individually customer tailored furnace design