Electric Arc Furnace

Electric Arc Furnaces are the heart of modern electric steelmaking. EAFs act as high performance melting units with a variety of raw materials (Scrap, hot Metal, DRI/HBI)

  • Robust & tailor made design
  • Low energy & electrode consumption
  • INTECO`s ISEC electrode controller
  • EBT & Spout Tapping System
  • Very robust Roof lifting System
  • Current Conducting Electrode arms
  • Bottom stirring
  • Easy access and maintenance
  • High flexibility to customers requirements

INTECO´s Electric Arc Furnaces are tailor made to the client´s requirements. Heat sizes from 15 to 180 t are available. INTECO also offers all EAF related equipment, i.e

  • Scrap Buckets
  • Tapping Car
  • Oxy-Fuel Burner-Injectors
  • Combined Manipulators
  • Gunning Manipulators
  • Material Handling System

Oxy-Fuel burners and injection systems are optimized to cope with the client´s raw material and required tap-to-tap time. The optimum balance between electric & chemical energy input can be reached.

Ladle Furnace

In the last decades there have been considerable and continuous endeavors and efforts in improving and developing appropriate processes for the refining of steel outside the main melting furnaces.

  • Exact temperature adjustment
  • Shorter average tap to tap time
  • Buffer function for sequence casting
  • Accurate tuning of analysis
  • Perfect homogenized heat
  • Desulphurization
  • Improvement of steel purity
  • Adjustment and modification of non metallic inclusions

INTECO supplies Ladle Furnaces for steel & FeNi industry with heat sizes ranging from 6 to 180 t.
INTECO´s product portfolio covers standard single stand ladle furnaces as well as twin stands with rotating electrode portal.
INTECO also supplies all required auxiliary equipment for ladle metallurgy (Wire feeding machine, T-S-Manipulator, Injection Systems,…)

The outstanding features of INTECO´s ladle furnaces…

  • INTECO´s ISEC electrode controller
  • Heating rate up to 5°C/ min
  • Easy access and maintenance
  • Design with current conductive or bus tube electrode arms
  • Special roof design for minimum reoxidation
  • Ladle transfer car with optional tilting and weighting device
  • Gas or electromagnetic stirring
  • Automatic gas coupling system

VD/VOD Units

The secondary metallurgical treatment under vacuum condition is 100% necessary to produce high - purity steels and alloys which is now-a-days demanded by most steel grades. The VD/VOD process provides the most suitable condition for achieving high-purity and cleanness.

The VD/VOD process is used

  • Degassing
  • Decarburisation
  • Adjustment of temperature
  • Fine tuning of the chemical analysis

The VD-process ideally combines degassing with top slag treatment which results in a simultaneous reduction of dissolved gasses and sulphur.
INTECO offers vacuum treatment plants operating either with in-house calculated steam ejector vacuum pumps or mechanical vacuum pumps.
The equipment is characterized by high operation availability, rigid design and low maintenance. It is well engineered to operate with all auxiliary equipment supplied by INTECO, e. g. T-S-Manipulator, wire feeding machine, …

RH – Vacuum Degassing Unit

Since the introduction of the RH (Ruhrstahl Heraeus) degassing technology in the late 50’s, it became an important tool in modern steel plants.  The RH circulation degassing process has proved its eminent suitability for operation requiring short tap-to-tap times in more than 250 units worldwide, covering heat sizes of up to 400. 
Thanks to its highly developed technology, decarburization and chemical heating using oxygen under vacuum can be employed in combination with a TOP blowing oxygen lance.    

INTECO supplies single stand treatment units as well as twin degassing stations, which allows for high plant availability.


Vacuum Stream Degassing

Vacuum Stream Degassing is a special vacuum treatment process to achieve low gas contents of the steel. 

  • Ladle-Stream Degassing  (Ladle-to-Ladle)
  • Vacuum Ingot Casting (Ladle-to-Mould)

Vacuum Ingot Casing allows producing large ingots out of several ladles with ultra low hydrogen content. INTECO engineers and supplies all required equipment for vacuum Ingot casting up to ingot weights of 700t. Additionally INTECO provides the metallurgical know how to implement and run the process successfully. 


Ingot Casting Technology

The main fields of application of ingot casting are nowadays the production of all types of alloyed steels and unalloyed steels (e. g. tool steels), special alloys and all kinds of forging and rolling ingots.

Bottom pouring is used for all types of ingots (square, flat, round…) up to a weight of 100t. For bigger ingot sizes (up to 700t) INTECO offers its special VIC technology.

A special highlight is the semi-automatic teeming system for ingots between 0.5 to 6 tons provided by INTECO and our Swedish affiliated partner Norberg’s.

One main component of INTECO´s ingot casting technology is the casting car.
It is available in a variety of designs to perfectly meet the client’s requirements. INTECO also offers the technology to cast ingots from more than one ladle.

  • Casting pit design
  • Mould design
  • Mould washing units (supplied by TBR casting technologies)
  • Stripping facilities
  • Annealing furnaces