Casting Technology

In a close cooperation with our affiliate  INTECO TBR casting technologies, Inteco offers continuous casting machines for long products as well as special solutions for die production of special steels. Our portfolio covers complete green field projects and revamps of existing casters. Based on our long-term experience in engineering and design of individual bloom casters, we offer tailor-made solutions for all kinds of steel producers.

Bloom and Billet Casters

The continuous casting of blooms has become a well-established technology for the production of semis for high-quality applications. Similarly, continuous casting of billets is the basis for highly productive steelmaking.

Inteco supplys robust continuous casting machines with highest quality oft he final product, low maintenance requirements and high operator friendliness.

Design criteria:

·         Bow-type or vertical-bending machines;

·         Modular design with the provisions for upgrading features of the caster at a later stage;

·         Operator-friendly casting floor;

·         Advanced mould level control solution;

·         Quick change of mould and segments;

·         High-precision, robust mould oscillator;

·         Mould and final stirrer;

·         Dynamic secondary cooling (water and air-mist);

·         Customized run-out area configuration;

·         Rigid cooling bed;

·         Performance assurance by integrated automation system;

·         Highest final product quality by quality modules of the Level-2 automation.

Special Casting Applications

Continuous casting machines for special techniques, such as horizontal or vertical casting round up the product portfolio of Inteco in the field of the production of special steels. A flexible and intelligent design and the implementation of customer demands emphasize our competence in this product segment.

Individual Components

Visit the website of INTECO TBR casting technologies to learn more about our individual components of continuous casting machines:

·         Ladle shroud manipulator

·         Stopper rod mechanism

·         Stopper servo drive

·         Mould level control solution

·         Emergency slide gate

·         Mould oscillator