Successful Completion of EAF Project at TianMa China

TianMa is one of the leading bearing steel producers in China and decided in 2017 to upgrade its production, by awarding INTECO with the order of a modern EAF as well as a Segment Caster, which will be one of the largest in the whole world.

After a project execution time of about two years, this latest INTECO state of the art electric arc furnace, with a lot of new features and improvements, was successfully set in operation by end of November.

The furnace is an EBT furnace with a tapping capacity of 60t and a hot heal of 7t. The new standard features of this most modern furnace include an INTECO REC-system (Rotating Energy Chain System), which removes the hoses from the exposed area to a well-protected cable chain and therefore also avoids turning and twisting of the hoses. The roof itself is of insulated design which results in no contact of roof and gantry during melting, as well as is equipped with a two point lifting system. The Upper shell consists of an additional protection plate for instrumentation and sealed furnace operation and an integrated supporting frame and panel design for PTI swing door.

Additionally the furnace is equipped with a combination of coherent flame injectors supplied by INTECO PTI. The injectors working as oxy-fuel burner and/or oxygen lances, using natural gas and oxygen, can be used alone or in a combined burner mode with oxygen, lime and carbon injection. They are placed at strategic positions in the water cooled furnace side wall and in the EBT balcony horizontal panel.

To complete this outstanding design an automated INTECO PTI SwingDoorTM with integrated burner for modern EAF operation with increased operational safety is part of this project.

Due to its particular design, the Swing Door reduces the penetration of air via the slag door (sealed furnace) and prevents scrap accumulation on the furnace sill. The door is mounted in-line with the water-cooled panels eliminating the typical the slag door tunnel to which scrap falls after bucket discharge. This allows a very steep angle of the burnerand results in highest efficiency.

The clients and INTECOs project teams are very proud about this successful project.

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