Next Generation Atomization Plant

INTECO successfully starts hot tests for MIMETE s.r.l.

Courtesy of MIMETE S.r.L.

The successful commissioning of a newly-developed vacuum inert gas atomization plant for our long-standing customer MIMETE s.r.l. (part of the FOMAS Group) in Italy represents a flagship project in the field of powder metallurgy for INTECO. INTECO has completely redeveloped the system for the production of high-quality metal powder for additive manufacturing (3D printing) and is already setting new standards in the field of metal powder production for the highest demands. In addition to innovative features such as a new type of atomization technology, automated pouring, efficient powder recycling, central data acquisition and evaluation using state-of-the-art sensor technology as well as a new type of process and production management system („IMAS - INTECO Metals Application Suite“), this system enables a significant increase in powder output in a grain size and quality suitable for 3D printing and thus reduces the specific production costs for our customers. After completion of the assembly work, the successful cold test period took place during which essential system functions such as vacuum performance were extensively tested and successfully completed. In the subsequent hot test period, the system was prepared and calibrated for all functions including melting and controlled pouring for the subsequent performance tests.

The initial results of the powder batches produced are already of extraordinary quality after the first batch and thus lay the foundation for a very successful future in the field of metal powder production for INTECO and MIMETE. Also in the field of powder processing by sieving, mixing and packaging as well as all laboratory tests, all the interfaces have already been successfully developed and the data automatically transferred to the IMAS system, enabling MIMETE to successfully complete „Industry 4.0“ certification. In the coming weeks, all the plant parameters for the various material grades will be fine-tuned before the system is finally handed over to the customer.

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