INTECO gewinnt Business Tennis Cup 2012

Sechs Jahre lang mussten das INTECO Tennis Team auf den so ersehnten Sieg im Business Tennis Cup der Kleinen Zeitung warten, 2012 konnte die goldene Trophäe endlich mit nach Bruck genommen werden. Das glorreiche Team bestehend aus Katrin Gaber, Thomas Csima, Christian Morales, Bertram Ofner, Alexander Scheriau, Thomas Steger und Jürgen Wöls gaben an jedem der vier Spieltage ihr Bestes und das wurde belohnt ! Gratulation !!!


First Heat with multifunctional remelting furnace at Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Krefeld, Germany

In February 2012 INTECO was commissioned to perform a conversion project comprising the conversion of one of the existing VAR furnaces, supplied by INTECO in 2007, to a multifunctional furnace.


End of October the first ingot was produced with this unprecedented combination of ESR and VAR process technology. One production unit using both VAR and ESR operational modes increases the client’s flexibility of the existing remelting capacity and also enables Deutsche Edelstahlwerke to adapt more rapidly to changing market trends. The joint patent for this new technology was already handed in by INTECO and Deutsche Edelstahlwerke.










Good news for the INTECO Group: In this year’s Austria’s Leading Companies Ranking (ALC) INTECO ranked first in the „Big Player“category. This ranking published every year by “Wirtschaftsblatt”, KSV 1870 and Pricewaterhouse Coopers is mostly based on the hard figures of each company’s balance sheet, but also the sustainability of each company is evaluated. INTECO CEO Harald Holzgruber and his management team were delighted to accept this award on behalf of all INTECO Group employees worldwide. (photo copyright Wirtschaftsblatt/Foltin)








Xingtai signs FAC

After the on time delivery of the ESR/ESRR® installation at Xingtai, the Chinese steel plant now signed the Final Acceptance Certificate. The facility can produce billets that are longer than 9 m in a continuous process proven ESR quality using the rapid remelting process developed by INTECO and in addition manufacture 600 diameter ingots when operated in conventional ESR mode. The plant was further developed through a remodeled high current supply and a more efficient electrode exchange system and constitutes the first installation with this specification to be implemented on the Chinese market. This project was successfully carried out in close cooperation with the customer and the start of a long lasting business relationship.







EEC 2012

In September INTECO also participated in the MMMM taking place in New Delhi, India.It was a very interesting and popular exhibition for the Austrian INTECO team as well as for the CEO of INTECO India Ltd. Mr. Vinay Sethi. Several new contacts to potential customers were made and also the Austrian style booth attracted lots of passersby.







In September INTECO also participated in the MMMM taking place in New Delhi, India.It was a very interesting and popular exhibition for the Austrian INTECO team as well as for the CEO of INTECO India Ltd. Mr. Vinay Sethi. Several new contacts to potential customers were made and also the Austrian style booth attracted lots of passersby.






First Heat at Dongbei Special Steel, China

At the end of September 2012 the first heat in the 36t ESR plant at Dongbei, Special Steel was successfully accomplished.


This installation is the smaller one of altogether two ESR plants, ordered by Dongbei, with a max. ingot diameter of 1100 mm. The larger ESR installation was started up a few months ago is able to produce ingots with a max. diameter of 1750 mm and an max. ingot weight of 100 tons. This is the largest facility of this kind on the Chinese market.





First Heat at BGH Freital, Germany

In November 2011, the BGH Freital awarded INTECO with an additional contract for the construction of a new 6t ESR Plant, after successfully completing two conversion projects.


Only nine months after signing the contract, the first heat at the new ESR plant was successfully executed. Just like the two reconstructed plants, this plant also produces the same ingots with a max. diameter of 420 mm. In addition this new plant is equipped with state of the art characteristics, such as a protective gas hood and coaxial design.




First Heat at Fushun Special Steel, China

In February 2012 the assembly of a 34t ESR plant at one of the most renowned stainless steel manufacturers in China, Fushun Special Steel, started. Now at the beginning of August 2012 the first heat was successfully executed.


With these combined plant concepts, ingots with a max. weight of 34t and max. diameter of 1000mm can be produced in the short collar mold- as well as in static mold operation. The pre-assembly and parts of the manufacturing of the plant were carried out by INTECO Dalian, in China.




Metal Ravne signs FAC

After the successful start up of one of the first ESR plants at Metal Ravne in 1981 by INTECO, which still produces at its maximum capacity, in August 2010 the contract for another ESR unit was signed.

The new project consists of a combined static- and short collar mold ESR plant producing ingots with a max. weight of 50t and a max. diameter of 1400 mm. The new plant by INTECO is equipped with state of the art technology such as a protective gas hood, coaxial design and an innovative control system etc.

The plant will allow the implementation of INTECO´s patented current conductive mold (CCM®) at a later stage. The excellent cooperation and teamwork of INTECO and Metal Ravne has been again strengthened through this new project and finally resulted in the issuance of the Final acceptance Certificate in July 2012.



INTECO donates 9000 Euro for the PIUS Institute Bruck

As every year INTECO celebrated the beginning of the school holidays with its traditional summer party. The fun and gourmet joys were topped with a special surprise guest: Armin Assinger, former world cup skier and TV host of the "Millionenshow" came to join the INTECO employees and their families for this occasion. And of course he would not leave without asking 6 candidates on the "hot seat" of a special INTECO edition of his quiz show. Altogether the INTECO candidates were able to win 9000 Euro which will be donated to the PIUS Institute Bruck. The money will allow several people to do an apprenticeship at one of the workshops at the Institute.



INTECO receives ECOPROFIT certificate

Besides the management certification ISO 9001 INTECO now also has been certified by an environmental management system and is now proud owner of the ECOPROFIT logo. During the last months small measures and information by the INTECO ECOPROFIT project team lead to a better understanding and more environmental friendly action in daily business life among the INTECO employees.


INTECO was also able to profit from several renowned experts invited by ECOPROFIT to give important tips on how to save energy and costs. Herwig Brauneis, INTECO project manager doesn’t see the award of the ECOPROFIT certificate as a finalizing step: “This certification is just the kick off for further stainable consideration of the subject Ecology.”



INTECO is honored as TOP EXPORTER by the Austrian Economic Chambers

In June INTECO and many other well known Austrian companies were invited to a special award ceremony at the Austrian Economic Chambers.


There Dr. Heinz Müller, member of the board and head of the steelplant technology at INTECO was proud to accept the award, stating that INTECO is one of “Austria’s Top Exporters” by the president of the Austrian Economic Chambers, Dr. Christoph Leitl, who thanked INTECO for its commercial commitment and effort abroad


INTECO at Metallurgy LITMASH 2012

In May INTECO for the first time was also present at the Metallurgy Litmash in Moskau. Due to the constant run on the INTECO booth especially INTECO’s GUS sales managers did nearly have no spare minute to breathe. But that’s what a successful fair is all about! Of course all visitors were welcome and could enjoy some Austrian specialties in the INTECO alpine chalet.




INTECO HTL class on the run...

The INTECO class also participated in the Business run Bruck. 7 teams/21 eager runners did the 4,5 km run through the city of Brucklyn and enjoyed the after party. This also was the final event of the cooperation as INTECO has accompanied the class throughout the whole school year 2011/2012. We will be happy to maybe welcome some of the students after their graduation again as employees !




There was a lot going on at the INTECO booth at Metal & Metallurgy in Beijing last week.Beside lots of passers by taking pictures of the alpine style booth the INTECO team was glad to welcome many prestigious Chinese customers and offer them delicious Austrian wine and snacks. Interesting discussions were held about finalized – but also projects that are right now being put into operation as well as future plans and innovations.



End of March INTECO signed the FAC (Final Acceptance Certificate) with a confidential customer in Italy. The ESR plant which was designed, delivered and started up by INTECO consists of three static mold melt stations to be operated by four fully equipped furnace heads with electrode exchange technology. Ingots up to 120 tons with a diameter of 1900mm have been successfully commissioned. The customer is more than satisfied with the performance of the plant as highly critical steel grades for power generation have been remelted. The test results showed that the ingots produced in INTECO´s plant do not only meet the end user´s demanding specification but even exceed them. After the successful start up at the ESR plant supplied to Saarschmiede in Germany, this furnace is now the second large size ESR plant (ingot weight > 100t) INTECO has completed with success.



INTECO and University of Leoben get approval for research project

Being an innovative company through and through INTECO’s R&D department is constantly working on the development and improvement of metallurgical processes and plants. Of course there is a close relationship to the University of Leoben and especially to the Chair of Metallurgy. A joint project dealing with efficiency augmentation in steel production was now approved by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency. The goal of this collaboration is the development of a new casting method with which large format ingots, as used on the energy sector, can be produced with increased yield and productivity. This new process will be offered to INTECO’s clients and implemented in just a few years time.


Lunch served on a green plate

Since a few years INTECO’s employees have the possibility to have lunch at the Norske Skog canteen, where they can enjoy various delicious lunch menus every day for a very good price.
Now the canteen was awarded the “Green Plate” by Styria Vitalis for not only offering tasty BUT also HEALTHY food. The great number of INTECO employees crossing the Wienerstrasse every day at lunchtime to the Norske Skog canteen proves that healthy is also very yummy


HTL students visit INTECO

As last year INTECO again is industrial partner of one mechanical class of the HTL Kapfenberg. Last week the students had the chance to visit the INTECO headquarters in Bruck. Michael Breitler head of the INTECO mechanical department showed the students around and gave them an insight on how it is to work for a company like INTECO. Furthermore Katrin Gaber, responsible for Human Resources, gave them tips on how to apply for a job.


Start Up of another ESR plant at BGH Freital

In February 2012 another modification of an ESR plant at BGH Freital was successfully completed.After ESR plant 3 now ESR plant 4 was modified and reconstructed analogically to the previous one.As a result the same static molds can be used with similar process operation.Due to the more extensive and time intensive reconstruction - mainly because a dislocation of the plant was necessary – all involved persons had to work in an even more accurate and quicker way.

Again the close and flexible teamwork of BGH Freital and INTECO led to a successful project completion in due time. After two completed modification projects INTECO is already working on the engineering for a new plant, which will be started up in summer 2012.



First Heat at Metal Ravne, Slovenia

30 years ago INTECO delivered the first ESR plant to the stainless steel facility in Ravne, which is still in operation. Beginning of 2012 the first heat at the new ESR plant, a combined plant with two melt stations, one for collar and one for static mold operation, took place. INTECO’s start up team and Ravne’s metallurgists were able to melt a 4t ingot of excellent quality.

The first heat in the second melt station, with which ingots up to 50t can be produced, will take place in the following weeks.


INTECO goes Green

Since fall 2011 INTECO is part of the so called „Ökoprofit“ project with the goal to strengthen the headquarters in Bruck thanks to innovative integrated technologies in a sustainable way and to improve the ecological situation in the community and region. In the following years INTECO wants to minimize costs through investments in environmental protection and to enhance ecological efficiency. Small steps can make a difference – INTECO’s employees were advised not to print every single document or leave their computers and monitors switched on overnight in order to improve the awareness for a cleaner production. If the project proves successful further member s of the INTECO Group shall be included.


INTECO unterstützt Kampagne zum Thema Zivilcourage

Im Rahmen der Initiative „andersgleich“, dich sich gegen Rassismus und Ausländerfeindlichkeit wendet, wurde zu Beginn des Jahres eine Plakatkampagne ins Leben gerufen. Auf diesen Plakaten sind vier Athleten der ECE Bulls und des KSV 1919 mit Migrationshintergrund und dem Slogan „Ich bin weder Ausländer, noch bin ich Inländer. Ich bin MENSCH.“ abgebildet.  INTECO freut sich als internationales Unternehmen mit Mitarbeitern aus unterschiedlichen Ländern diese tolle Kampagne zu unterstützen.

INTECO signs new project with BGH Freital, Germany

This November INTECO has been awarded to supply engineering services and equipment for a new ESR furnace to the German special steel producer BGH Freital.

This most modern furnace will be designed as a static mold plant consisting of one furnace head and two meltstations and will be equipped with all state-of-the-art features such as protective atmosphere remelting, full coaxial deisgn, etc..

After two modernisation projects on existing furnaces executed to the full satisfaction of BGH, the successful cooperation between BGH and INTECO will be continued with this brand new ESR plant.

The erection is scheduled to take place in June 2012 and first ingots will already be produced two months later.

Reference picture of a Static Mold ESR furnace.

INTECO's Rating by Dun & Bradstreet

Also for 2011 INTECO achieved the rating 1 by Dun & Bradstreet. This excellent rating stands for INTECO’s great and stable financial and economic situation. And proves INTECO’s quality of being an attractive business partner.


A new member in the INTECO Group - INTECO atec automation GmbH

To strengthen INTECO’s capacities in terms of automation engineering the company ATEC Automatisierungstechnik GmbH, located just south of Graz, was incorporated in the INTECO Group. ATEC since its foundation in 1995 was already doing business in several fields of the automation technology industry and has already worked together with INTECO in several projects.

 The company name ATEC was now changed into INTECO atec automation GmbH, which in future will not only pursue the original business of ATEC, but will also have a main focus on INTECO’s secondary metallurgy sector and shall become a centre of excellence for Level 2 programming.


The annual conference and exhibition STAHL took place on 10th of November at the CCD Dusseldorf, Germany. As in the past also this year INTECO was happy to welcome numerous clients and business partners at their booth. Besides networking INTECO’s guests could also enjoy special Austrian food and drink.


INTECO to build new plant for SHANXI Taigang, China

End of October INTECO’s secondary metallurgy division was awarded with a new project by Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Co. Ltd., China. The scope comprises of engineering, hardware supply, process automation (level 2), advisory service of installation and commissioning as well as training for two 45t VOD degassing stations. This twin VOD degassing station with an annual capacity of 600.000 t is intended for the new stainless steel shop in Taiyuan.

The first heat is scheduled for December 2012.

INTECO graduate wins business award

Just recently Dipl. Ing. (FH) Barabara Pachner graduated from FH Joanneum Kapfenberg by writing her diploma thesis in tight cooperation with the INTECO purchasing department and now was awarded with the business award of the city of Kapfenberg. Miss Pachner in her work designed a performance measurement system especially for project purchasing at INTECO, which won the category science & research.

First heat at first Japanese INTECO ESR plant

At the beginning of August INTECO’s start up team was able to successfully carry out the first heat at INTECO’s first Japanese reference. In 2009 the customer, one of the largest, globally operating Japan based steel and forging companies ordered a 145t ESR plant with one short collar mold melt station to be operated by two fully equipped furnace heads. After an in time engineering and erection the FAC is expected to be signed in December 2011.

Successful modification at BGH Freitagl GmbH, Germany

In July INTECO successfully completed the modification of the ESR plant 3 at BGH Freital in Germany. The following purposes were fulfilled through the modification: Ingot weight increase from 1,3t to 2,3t, durability increase of the crucibles as well as a redesign of the electrode clamping device. This project is a perfect example that close and flexible teamwork between the client and INTECO with shared responsibility can lead to success. Despite the tight time schedule the modification was completed to full satisfaction of the client. As a consequence of this successful modification recently the contract for the modification of ESR plant 4 was signed. Discussions concerning the order of a new plant will follow soon.

Successful Start Up of further big ESR plant in Italy

In June INTECO was able to put an ESR plant at another Italian forging company into operation
The plant consists of two melt stations to be operated by two fully equipped furnace heads using electrode change technology in static mold operation. The maximum ingot size to be produced is 2600 mm diameter, 6000 mm length which results in a maximum ingot weight of 250 tons.

The plant was started up on time and FAC will be signed in fall 2011.


That was INTECO at the METEC 2011

At this year`s METEC INTECO was welcoming its guests in an original Austrian chalet. Beside several delicious Austrian treats INTECO’s guests were served innovative news in terms of secondary- and special metallurgy. A definite highlight were the four acitivity stations: At the melting station one could enjoy chocolate fondue or at the vacuum station guests could evacuate tasty sausages and take them home.

The whole INTECO team was happy about the great number of visitors and the vivid information exchange.

Interview with Mr Holzgruber (Video)



LF and VD/VOD plant for Deutsche Edelstahlwerke GmbH Witten, Germany

At the end of the first quarter 2011 INTECO received the order for an important project from long term customer Deutsche Edelstahlwerke GmbH, Witten. INTECO's scope of supply consists of the following:

The construction of a completely new secondary metallurgy center consisting of a ladle furnace, a VD/VOD plant, Level 2 automation system and an alloy addition system all configured for a max. heat size of 130t.

Furthermore INTECO will modernize the already existing ladle furnace, VD/VOD plant, alloy addition sysem and rinsing unit.

This project will be successfully carried out during the next three years.

New secondary metallurgical plant for Saarstahl AG, Germany

End of 2010 the German steel plant Saarstahl AG awarded INTECO with the supply of a new secondary metallurgical plant.

The order includes supply, engineering, assembling and start up of two 200t twin ladle furnaces and one RH plant of the same batch size. Each ladle is equipped with four wire feeding machines, two T&S manipulators, 2 emergency top lances and two nipple stands.

The RH plant is equipped with a steam vacuum pump for vacuum treatment. The ladle is liftet to the vacuum vessel with a hydraulic ladle lifting device.

The start up of both plants is planned for end of 2012/beginning of 2013.

First Heat at Italian Steel Plant

INTECO successfully completed the first heat at a confidential customer in Milan, Italy. The new ESR plant consists of three static mold melt stations to be operated by four fully equipped furnace heads. The maximum ingot size is 1900 mm diameter, 5200 mm length resulting into 110 tons maximum weight. Start of erection was September 2010.

INTECO completes ESR project at Saarstahl AG

End of February Saarstahl AG signed the final acceptance certificate (FAC) for the ESR project carried out by INTECO. Consisting of three static mold stations and one short collar mold station this plant remelts ingots with a max. weight of 145 t and a max.diameter of 1900 mm and therefore is the biggest ESR plant worldwide when it comes to this construction type. More than 100 ingots have been produced so far with the new plant, all of them passing the tests with results to the satisfaction of the client.


The INTECO ASMET Award worth a totale of 4000 € this year was awarded to Dr. Wiener, Dr. Korp and Mr. Griesser for their extraordinary scientific work.

The ceremony took place as part of the ASMET Forum for Metallurgy in Leoben.



INTECO class to win First Job Challenge

Have an eye on our technology is INTECO's slogan, on May 5th at the WOCHE Businessmarathon all eyes were set on the 24 students attending the INTECO class at the HTL Kapfenberg. And their training effort during the last month definitly paid of, as 8 of them won the price for the fastest 8 person relay race with a superb time ( 8x 4,5 km) of 2 hours and 57 minutes. Each of the successfull runners was awarded with a pluse monitor watch and 250 € for the class account.

First Heat at Daye Special Steel, China

After the successful start up of a 16t ESR plant, Daye Special Steel in May 2010 decided to lay another project, the engineering and supply of a vacuum arc remelting plant, in the Austrian special metallurgy expert’s hands. This proved to be the right decision, as 1 ½ years after the contract was signed, the 1st heat with the new VAR plant took place at Daye. With this new piece of INTECO technology ingots of highest quality with the maximum weight of 6 tons and a maximum diameter of 600 mm can be remelted.


“TECH Runs” is a new initiative presented by INTECO and 4 other Styrian high tech companys. Throughout a school year INTECO accompanies a school class of the technical secondary school in Kapfenberg:  INTECO’s experts will become teacher for a few lessons in turn students will visit INTECO at the headquarters in Bruck and get training on the job.

Primus 2010 (Video)