INTECO welcomes future metallurgists

End of September metallurgy students and Prof. Dr. Johannes Schenk from the University of Leoben visited INTECO’s headquarter in Bruck as part of their annual main excursion.

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INTECO Team at Taewoong carries out First Heat with Success

The steel plant order for the supply of an entire melting and ingot casting operation, consisting of an 150t EAF, a LF, a VD/VOD plant, equipment for both conventional casting and vacuum ingot casting for up to 700t as well as a Level 2 system placed by the South Korean customer Taewoong, is making great progress.


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First Heat at the new Special Steel Plant in Frisa

In 2014 the new stainless steel plant project was assigned to INTECO by Grupo Frisa including an INTECO EAF, LF, VD Unit, an alloy addition and an ingot casting plant. The worldwide known Mexican manufacturer of open die forgings and rolled rings aim was to produce a wide range of ingots of varying weights and dimensions on its own.  

After the supply of equipment, installation started in December 2015.
 By the end of spring 2016 installation was completed and followed by intensive cold commissioning activities. These finally led to the first heat which was successfully carried out in August.

This incredible performance and swift achievement of all project goals was only possible due to the outstanding teamwork between the clients’ team and the INTECO group members on site.

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INTECO successfully completes revamping of Shaft EAF at Jiansu Shagang Group, China

In December 2015 INTECO received the order for the revamping of an existing FUCHS Shaft OBT EAF (100t) to a Shaft EBT EAF (120t).

INTECO designed this modernisation project to accomplish all engineering features such as lower shell, upper shell, tilting frame, watercooled panels and slag door. The change in tapping technology has been decided by Jiansu Shagang Group to improve the meltdown operations of the EAF - utilizing up to 60% of hot metal in the charge.


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New Group member !

INTECO has acquired the business assets, technology & intellectual property rights of Siderimpes S.R.L, an Italian company operating in the field of rolling mills since 1964. 

With its know-how and expertise gained over the last decades, Siderimpes has already successfully installed more than 40 new projects and modernizations.

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