First Heat for INTECO at BGH Freital

In March INTECO has been awarded with a follow-up for another ESR. The German special steel producer BGH Freital decided to invest in another Electroslag Remelting furnace which was designed identically to the INTECO plant installed a few years ago.


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Federal Minister for transport Mag. Jörg Leichtfried visits INTECO in Bruck

Beginning of February Dr. Harald Holzgruber had the great honour to welcome Mag. Jörg Leichtfried, Federal Minister for transport, innovation and technology  and mayor Hans Strassegger at the INTECO headquarters in Bruck a.d. Mur.


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New INTECO Special Steel Shop start up at SeAH CSS in Changwon

Before the end of 2016 and in time with the tough project schedule INTECO was able to carry out the first heat with all four different plants at the new special steel shop for SeAH CSS in Changwon, Korea.


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INTECO TBR & TECTRADE start off with new management in 2017

On 19th of December the INTECO Holding GmbH has bought the remaining shares of its competence center for casting INTECO TBR casting technologies GmbH. With the beginning of the New Year Mr. Heinz Rumpler will be replaced as CEO by Mr. Roland Kristl who will manage the company with Dr. Harald Holzgruber. Mr. Rumpler will retire but will still be available as a consultant for INTECO.

Also at the INTECO Group member TECTRADE there will be a change in management. Mrs. Anna Graff will consign her position as CEO to Mr. Christian Stumpf and Mr. Roland Kristl. Despite her retirement Mrs. Graff will still be working for TECTRADE part-time.


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INTECO welcomes future metallurgists

End of September metallurgy students and Prof. Dr. Johannes Schenk from the University of Leoben visited INTECO’s headquarter in Bruck as part of their annual main excursion.

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